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Statement Goods is a fun and modern design company that focuses on original and playfully designed products, which includes: unique stationary, original artwork, home decor, hand-printed goods and jewelry.  It is a collective that includes collaborative and individual work of both Toni Point and Alysia Fields.

Toni and Alysia became fast friends when they met while attending Mississippi State University.  They both discovered their love for well designed goods, but with a fun and playful twist.  So they decided to start Statment Goods in late 2016

About Alysia - Co-Owner / CEO of Humor and Business         

Alysia has an amazing business mind and received a Bachelor's of Sociology and has an MBA, that she put to good use while she worked for Saks Fifth Avenue.  She also brings her hilarious sense of humor to everything we design.  Alsyia decided to pursue her passion for art and design full-time and is currently working on personal photography projects and developing a line of paper goods and other products for Statement Goods.

About Toni - Co-Owner / CEO of Sarcasm and Design         

Toni has an amazing passion for art and design and received a Bachelor's of Architecture in 2009.  She too has decided to focus on art and design and started her own company, Printwork in 2011.  She has worked on her own line of goods and has also licensed her work with large companies, boutique clothing lines and publishing companies.  Toni will also be contributing to the development of Statement Goods and helping to create unique and original products.

Licensing and Commsions

If you have an awesome project and would like to license our work or commission a custom piece, we would love to hear from you.  Please send us an email at statementgoodsdesign(at)gmail.com

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